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How To Order From Coldismar
Colombian Export Company

Buying a variety of top-quality specialty products is straightforward (if you’re dealing with us!).

International exports have been our business for the past ten years, and we now supply the world’s foremost specialty coffee roasters (we are producers also) all around the world.


Our wholesale partners continue to make an impact on their communities. We are honored to work with a growing network of people, companies, and organizations that provide more than just a cup of coffee.

We provide a variety of supporting services and products. If you're interested in learning more about how we can work together to provide training, equipment, community opportunities, and of course our products, please fill out the form below, and let's start the conversation.

Ordering information


We ship most of our products in traditional 60kg or 69kg sacs; where possible we line these with a protective airtight storage system designed to regulate moisture content and to preserve quality for longer. We also offer a selection of our products in polypropylene ‘PET’ bags – a synthetic (but fully recyclable) alternative to the traditional jute bag that does not impart any baggy, ‘jutey’ taint to the coffee over time.

When we deliver our El Patron roasted coffee brand is also available in 1kg vacuum-packed boxes.

Our coffees are delivered on a clean, dry pallet, strapped and shrink-wrapped for safe and secure transport.

Shipping and Logistics

We pride ourselves on our shipping and logistics and consistently arrange the best and most expedient transport for all our coffees..

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Successful import businesses revolve around two critical pillars – satisfying customer needs and making profits. Choosing good products to import and finding the best supplier will increase your chances of success. 

Our company offers extensive product information without the need for prodding. We are also keen to package well and offer convenience and competitive pricing. Our company as a whole demonstrates organization and friendliness at all levels. It has a compelling mission and shows determination to reach greater success heights.

It is important to ensure that a prospective supplier can keep up with product demand. You could also visit our local warehouses to confirm availability. Communicating with other importers could also help you figure out how big our distribution network is. 

You can ask directly about our capacity to supply. Let us know the quantities you need and let our company prove that we will supply you with best quality products from Colombia.

Most people are not aware that the government makes some import records public. In many countries -Colombia also-, you can easily access these records through the Chamber of Commerce or even online.

We have been on the Colombian export business for a considerable time period. In those years we have acquired useful skills and gathered data to guide you in your trade. All you need to do to take advantage of these and many more benefits is to partner with us today. It will be the best business decision you ever make.

From our warehouses in Colombia we deliver worldwide to our import partners bulk of our products  from over 20 countries across 6 continents. We are happy to consider new routes and markets wherever feasible.

We provide all required export documents.

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