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 Let us introduce ourselves briefly​. We are a couple who has been studying coffee and working with the whole chain of people involved in the coffee trade

Our Story

 Colombia is famous for producing and exporting some of the world’s best coffee. Among the Colombian coffee farmers, is also Greek Dimitrios Christopoulos and his Colombian wife Marlene Amparo Colmenares Bastidas, who first moved to the country because he fell in love with his partner, and later he also fell in love with coffee, cocoa, sugar, organic sugar and fruits . 


In Colombia, Marlene Colmenares and Dimitris Christopoulos took up coffee-producing as a hobby.

‘’We liked living in nature so we thought, why not grow something? 

Our Values

Growing our products is hard work. We all get up with the dawn and work up until sunset. When we are not working on the farms, we go to the lab, where we examine the flavor of the blend.  

We believe in an ethical way of doing business. We support and educate local farmers for a better life. We are one with the farmers, we live as farmers and at the same time, we bring to the world the best products!

We believe that every activity we develop contributes to the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the places where we cultivate and grow our Top quality products.

Supporting local businesses 

The hobby eventually turned into a full-blown business venture, and now Mr. Christopoulos with his wife Marlene not only produces but also owns an export firm (Coldismar), which they created in order to help other local producers make higher profits by cutting out the middlemen.

‘’We are a team’’ he explained, and added: ‘’that way we can export our coffee directly and that way we get some extra profit’’.  Besides exporting, the Greek coffee producer also trains his local colleagues.    

He noted that the company is primarily a way to help the other local producers raise their profits. He and his partner get their main income from other investments outside the coffee growing business.

Offering farmers a home for their products and give to the world a broad and diverse portfolio of high-quality products!

Our Mission

To spread our passion for great coffee, organic sugar, sugar, cocoa, and exotic fruits through education and example from the farm to the roaster, retailer, and ultimately to the cup or plate.

We want to guide our representatives around the world throughout our product journey, from the initial cultivation to supply chain and selection of the bean or seed to the roasting process, grinding and extraction of coffee, when it is ready to be consumed and enjoyed. This way, we aim to give our customers a holistic understanding of the coffee experience.

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