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White Sugar

At Coldismar we trade white sugar, bulk and bag, for shipment in containers and vessels. We trade primarily from our office located in Colombia.

Additionally our network of Coldismar locations and teams supports our trading offices, suppliers, and customers around the world.

We originate sugar from the world’s leading sugar-producing countries and regions, including Brazil, Thailand, India, Australia, and Central America. Our company has logistical terminals in Colombia for the export of sugar. Our facilities are responsible for delivering differentiated services to meet the most specific quality and logistics requirements.

sugar exports company colombia.PNG


Logistic efficiency

Quality management

Flexibility of supply

Execution expertise & experience



Competitive pricing

World-class monitoring

Our Unique business model combines the large-scale offer of high-quality products with an integrated system of logistics, transport, storage and marketing.

By combining years of experience, comprehensive global market knowledge, trading expertise, and a unique supply base together with integrated logistics, our employees worldwide are uniquely placed to deliver the best service to our customers globally.

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