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El Patron Coffee
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One of the most surprising recent trends in the coffee industry is the growth of the “gourmet” market. In 2017, 59% of coffee consumed daily was gourmet, and the younger generation is driving the movement.

This statistic indicates a significant shift in the global coffee market.

The current generation of coffee drinkers sees coffee as a type of affordable luxury, not as just a bitter, energy-filled necessity to get them through the week.

Because drinking coffee has transformed into an artisan experience, having high-quality or gourmet coffee is essential.

The era of instant coffee blends and discount beans is in the past — consumers are willing to purchase more expensive coffee if it means a higher-quality cup!

Partnering with the right coffee supplier is crucial for the success of your brand and business. At Coldismar, we are one of the leading private-label wholesale coffee suppliers in Colombia— we understand the coffee industry and the importance of high-quality products.

With outstanding service, superior quality, fast turns, low minimum, and scalable capacity, El Patron Coffee can meet the needs of your company, regardless of size. Unlike many other wholesale bulk coffee bean suppliers that only offer a limited scope of services, our wide range of services include roast-to-order,  toll-roasting, and creating custom coffee blends unique to your company. Whether you sell coffee through your cafe, website, or distributor, Coldismar can help.

Work with a high-quality coffee supplier to match the demands of your customers — contact us today to learn more about partnering with our company.

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Our coffee farmers select the best beans available. When the journey to the slopes of the mountains in Colombia, you can be certain our farmers won’t settle for anything less than the perfect bean.

All that effort comes together with every cup of El Patron that you brew. From the alluring aroma that greets your nose as you open the package to each cup's full-bodied flavor, we're confident you'll agree that El Patron is a genuine premium coffee lover's delight.

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